Your Light

For some reason, I find this rather pertinent to how you passed, Dad. It's too early after your departure for me to be saying anything at all but I'll say this. They are Grief's first words. In the midst of your last breath, half the world waited, suspended in anticipation, for the right moment to... Continue Reading →


Jealousy’s Intrusions

I was going to try finish reading Practical Mysticism but my emotions are such that they will interfere with every activity, with every leisure, until they themselves, engaging the sweep of my attention, are instead laid on the table and perused squarely. And because I really want to get on with the things I enjoy today... Continue Reading →

Them as asks shan’t have

Before I begin, I'd like to preface this post with the warning that some, if not much, of it will sound like I'm tooting my horn. And if I'm being perfectly honest there probably is a dimly-lit, cob-webbed corner of my heart that houses this desire. Or perhaps it lives lavishly in a bright, spacious... Continue Reading →

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